Key West Ghost Tours

The main attraction of Key West Island in the state of Florida is the vibrant character of the local residents and their laid-back lifestyle, fresh seafood, and saltwater fishing with a backdrop of colorful and rich history. The superficial impression for thousands of tourists is that Key West is a perfect picture of paradise. However, this city harbors its own secrets. The history of Key West is quite sordid, with voodoo curses, black magic rituals, notorious haunting, and island pirate lore. The residents of Key West have adapted well to the presence of supernatural entities and have learned to live with them. The little known tours around Key West consist of Key West Ghost Tours.

There is a strong belief that Key West is among the most haunted places in the entire United States. If you have a strong heart, you could opt for one of the popular Key West Ghost Tours and learn about various spirits haunting the island. You could even opt to stay at a hotel considered haunted and possibly experience the presence of ghosts yourself. Many visitors take these nightly ghost tours in the historic Old Town area of Key West, looking for the existence of ghosts.

Several local companies arrange such Key West Ghost Tours, guiding visitors after dark around the Old Town, when it is believed that the restless spirits begin to wake up. Visitors could search for apparitions, ghostly sightings, and orbs near several haunted hotels, cemeteries, and nineteenth century Victorian mansions. Key West is the second oldest city in the state of Florida. Hence, endless ghost stories about pirates, refugees, rum-runners, and even famous writers are narrated, which are creepy and mostly quite frightening.

An example is the story of the Count who held the corpse of his beloved in his home and lived with it unknown to outside world. Several ghost stories are related to murder, misfortune, hangings, and disease. There is a strong belief that these stories definitely took place on the streets of the Old Town and they are all true even if they appear bizarre. The ghost tales that you hear during your Key West Ghost Tours are highly chilling and tragic. It is no wonder then that Haunted America Tours ranked Key West Island as the fourth top most haunted city in the United States. You could visit haunted locations such as Audubon House and Gardens, Captain Tony’s Saloon, Dean-Lopez Funeral Home, Key West Cemetery, Marerro’s Guest Mansion, etc. during your Key West Ghost Tours.