Key West Diving

Key West diving is one of the most popular adventure sports activities in the island of Key West in the state of Florida. Several diving sites offer visitors a wide range of diving and snorkeling experience. The following are the major diving spots in Key West.

  • Sambos Reef is a collection of several reefs, known as Eastern Sambo, Middle Sambo, and Western Sambo. White sand masses separate these reefs. The depths of these reefs vary between 10 feet and 50 feet.
  • Sand Key is located southwest of Key West and it is about seven miles away from the main island. Sand Key is very famous for great diving and snorkeling facilities. The depths of Sand Key range from 35 feet to 75 feet.

Many local companies offer diving and snorkeling sessions in mornings and afternoons, taking the visitors in their own boats. The prices might vary according to the duration of the diving and snorkeling trips and the equipment and gear that they provide. Further, many of them offer fun and short courses on diving and diving related activities. Such courses include identification of various types of fish while diving, underwater photography, underwater videography, conservation of coral reef, underwater naturalism, night diving, deep diving, and monitoring reef conditions. These courses help divers and snorkelers understand, enjoy, and protect the underwater world and its inhabitants.

Nearly all the companies offering guidance in diving and snorkeling have a wide range of programs for all types of divers and snorkelers. If you are completely new to diving, they help you learn lovely Key West diving initially in the warm, clear waters that surround the island. The courses help you learn diving at your own place, with flexible schedules that suit your individual preferences.

Another facility that these companies provide is guided Key West diving, so that you could confidently dive with a highly experienced diver accompanying you and helping you in identifying fish and learning coral reef ecology. Further, they accommodate families having youngsters with extra care for the young people. They also offer discounts to families in Key West diving and snorkeling.

Many Key West diving and snorkeling companies help visitors with lodging arrangements also that vary from economy accommodations to luxurious facilities. Some of these companies offer only training in diving, while others concentrate exclusively on diving trips. However, many of them combine both activities and you could select the Key West diving company that suits your specific requirement.