May 2013

There are different types of accommodation options that you can avail of, when you are vacation in an exotic place such as Key West. If you have come here before, […]

Key West is one of those places where there is something for everybody and across the board for all ages and gender. If you are thinking of making Key West […]

Lexington Hotels are well known for their collection of hotels, inns and suites that are spread out all over the country. Given this setup, it is only obvious that they […]

Parasailing is a combination of parachuting and sailing and is an overall fun, safe way to fly without actually flying. It can only be enjoyed in places such as Key […]

There are some simple ways by which one can enjoy what nature has to offer in and around the beautiful vacation spot that is Key West. One such activity that […]

Key West is a beautiful vacation spot and there is no doubt about that. In this exotic place lies the Banana Bay Resort & Marina. If you are looking for […]

There are several island groups that are part of Florida Keys and an important tourist destination of all those island groups is Dry Tortugas. Geographically, Dry Tortugas is located in […]

Eden house is a hotel that was started by Mike Eden in the year 1975. The hotel is locally owned, something which is not the case with many hotels which […]

Heron House is a hotel in Key West that is the place to stay if you are thinking of receiving the most authentic southern guest house treatment and experience. The […]