March 2013

On the Key West island you can indulge yourself in various kinds of activities, from watching the world’s third largest coral reef and North America’s only living reef from a […]

The most popular destination of Key West is snorkeling. You have the coral reef in Key West and crystal clear blue water to make snorkeling a great activity. The water […]

Tour of Key West on Jet Ski takes you on a 26-plus mile journey into the Gulf of Mexico through the Atlantic surrounding Key West. It’s quite simple and total […]

What is the best way to explore a living coral reef? On a boat with glass bottom, of course. Boats with glass bottom give you a very clear view of […]

Fishing in the waters of Key West has a history linked to it. Ernest Hemingway, a Nobel Laureate, called the area his home in the 1930s. He would go fishing […]

Dolphins are the cutest marine mammal and most intelligent of all animals. They are very friendly and their mouth line seems to have made definitive a smile for them. Moreover […]

Not everyone who wants to explore Key West’s tropical waters has a boat of their own. They don’t need to worry though. Key West has boat rentals for those who […]