February 2013

The Green Parrot bar: Leave your inhibitions outside. The Green Parrot bar wasn’t named the 3rd favorite bar in the United States of America for nothing! With no inhibitions, the […]

The Cowboy Bills bar: A good fun-food odyssey. With almost everyone you meet who has eaten at the Cowboy Bills bar, you’ve heard volumes of the great quality and the […]

The Blue Heaven restaurant for a food experience you’ll cherish. 729, Thomas Street, earlier functioned as a Bordello before the address became popular for the Blue Heaven Restaurant. An ideal […]

The Southern most point is not exactly what its name suggests nor is it exactly 10 miles from Cuba; but not that it makes a difference to the thousands who […]

Pick your stop at Ricks entertainment center. Rick’s Entertainment center, casually known as Rick’s bar or Rick’s and Durty Harry’s Entertainment complex is an easy going spot for a good […]

Located in the heart of Duval street, the Irish Kevin’s Key West bar has a list of live shows with some of the best in the segment. The music scene […]

Western Union is one of the most famous historic schooners in Key West in the state of Florida. The schooner is situated at 202 William Street in the Key West […]