What’s On World-Famous Duval Street

A downtown area in Florida’s popular Key West resort, Duval Street is one of America’s countless renowned gems. You might know it best from the Village People’s hit ‘Key West’: “take a walk down Duval Street, you never know who you’ll meet”

You’ll certainly discover so much about the American way of life as it’s lived down by the Gulf of Mexico. Florida is known for its laid-back sunny lifestyle, particularly given its status as an attractive destination for older retired people moving away from the big cities of the States.

But young or old, this particular corner of town has plenty of character for anyone to appreciate. With famous restaurants and bars such as Sloppy Joe’s, Fogarty’s, The Bull and Whistle, and Rick’s Cafe, it’s a quintessentially American place to be, to hang out, and to have a great time. On offer you’ll find anything and everything: big city style bars, cowboy bars, even cabaret shows for the more adventurous!

Just like the rest of America too, it’s a veritable melting pot when it comes to the kind of things you can do and enjoy. Even in shopping, there really is something for everyone, with a mixture of high priced stores and bargain shops.

In the evening the district truly comes alive, and is a huge amount of fun for any visitors. Some people of course pay a brief visit when they arrive and get off the cruise in Florida, but many more like to take their time and appreciate everything there is on offer.

With the opportunity to rent an electric car or take a short cruise around the coast, you can relax and unwind and enjoy the tranquillity that some head here for, just as much as the heady and upbeat atmosphere when the crowds are out having fun.

For a fun escape or a quiet cosy retreat, lots of different people come here for many different things, and they find it.

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