Truman Annex Key West

There are different types of accommodation options that you can avail of, when you are vacation in an exotic place such as Key West. If you have come here before, then you may actually be staying here for longer than a few days in which case staying at a resort or a breakfast and bed guest house may not be convenient. You are looking for something that is closer to what your own home has to offer.

Truman annex is the ideal annex for you to stay when in Key West for long durations, like more than a week and running up to months. Truman Annex is one of the finest gated communicates in Key West that is open for guest rentals throughout the year. The community has a wide range of offerings that start with small homes to luxury houses as well as condos. All of this is built and maintained in the middle of the tropical jungle. It makes for the prefect vacation spot for all who wish to stay at a place they can call home even when they are away, vacationing.

The condos that you will find at Truman Annex are filled to the brim with all the amenities you are used to when you stay at your own home. Every property is well maintained to give a homely feeling to it. There are all equipped with the standard facilities such as air conditioning, television screen to catch up on your favorite soaps and drama, high speed internet access provided wirelessly, cooking grill and of course a kitchen that has everything you would need to try out your cooking skills.

If you are looking for something than just a condo, then you can always opt to stay at the many luxury homes that are in Truman Annex. Luxury homes, true to their name have at least three bedrooms that are big enough to accommodate even the largest sized families. Many of the luxury homes have two floors, with the second floor usually setup with a fully loaded kitchen and a porch that opens up to great view and outdoor furniture. You can also expect these luxury homes to come with a private pool that is ideal for a dip or two. You could also have some quiet pool parties when you have your own guests visiting you in Key West.

Truman annex is truly the only place you will decide to stay, whenever you return to Key West for vacation the next time.