Duval Street

What is the best way to explore a living coral reef? On a boat with glass bottom, of course. Boats with glass bottom give you a very clear view of […]

The Cowboy Bills bar: A good fun-food odyssey. With almost everyone you meet who has eaten at the Cowboy Bills bar, you’ve heard volumes of the great quality and the […]

The Southern most point is not exactly what its name suggests nor is it exactly 10 miles from Cuba; but not that it makes a difference to the thousands who […]

Located in the heart of Duval street, the Irish Kevin’s Key West bar has a list of live shows with some of the best in the segment. The music scene […]

It’s right there in front of you every time you walk down Duval Street in the 500 block but if you’re like me you probably never knew what is was.  […]

Where’s the best place to go for seafood? Anyone who works on Duval Street has no doubt been asked this question dozens of times.  Key West is full of fishermen […]

Staying on Duval Street while on vacation in Key West can be the greatest thing ever, or it can be a huge mistake.  It all depends on what your vacation […]

Key West is a small island city with a very diverse population.  While  certainly a wealthy community, there are also plenty of regular folk just trying to make a living […]

From one end of Duval to the other, you’ll find bars to fit every personality and every mood.  From the anything goes joint to the elegant piano bar, Duval Street […]