On the Key West island you can indulge yourself in various kinds of activities, from watching the world’s third largest coral reef and North America’s only living reef from a […]

The most popular destination of Key West is snorkeling. You have the coral reef in Key West and crystal clear blue water to make snorkeling a great activity. The water […]

Tour of Key West on Jet Ski takes you on a 26-plus mile journey into the Gulf of Mexico through the Atlantic surrounding Key West. It’s quite simple and total […]

What is the best way to explore a living coral reef? On a boat with glass bottom, of course. Boats with glass bottom give you a very clear view of […]

Fishing in the waters of Key West has a history linked to it. Ernest Hemingway, a Nobel Laureate, called the area his home in the 1930s. He would go fishing […]

Dolphins are the cutest marine mammal and most intelligent of all animals. They are very friendly and their mouth line seems to have made definitive a smile for them. Moreover […]

Not everyone who wants to explore Key West’s tropical waters has a boat of their own. They don’t need to worry though. Key West has boat rentals for those who […]

The Green Parrot bar: Leave your inhibitions outside. The Green Parrot bar wasn’t named the 3rd favorite bar in the United States of America for nothing! With no inhibitions, the […]

The Cowboy Bills bar: A good fun-food odyssey. With almost everyone you meet who has eaten at the Cowboy Bills bar, you’ve heard volumes of the great quality and the […]

The Blue Heaven restaurant for a food experience you’ll cherish. 729, Thomas Street, earlier functioned as a Bordello before the address became popular for the Blue Heaven Restaurant. An ideal […]