Mallory Square

Mallory Square is one of the most visited plazas in Key West in the state of Florida. It is situated in the historic Old Town of Key West on the waterfront next to the port of cruise ships and it faces the Gulf of Mexico. It is also located at the western direction of the north end of Duval Street, the internationally famous nightlife area of Key West. The Mallory Square occupies the full length of Wall Street. The Old Post Office and Customhouse and Key West Shipwreck Historeum Museum are also adjacent to Mallory Square.

Mallory Square is also known as ‘Sunset Celebration’, since observing the sunset from this square is one of the most wonderful experiences. Each evening, hundreds of tourists arrive at this square to view the sunset. This celebration also consists of street performers, food crafts, and crafts and arts exhibitors. The entire celebration starts two hours before the beginning of the sunset and it goes on throughout the year.

The city authorities opened a pier on Mallory Square in 1984. The locals and even the tourists opposed the opening of the pier, since they felt that it would disrupt the long tradition of sunset watching at Mallory Square. The authorities took this opposition quite seriously and passed a special ordinance. The ordinance required all cruising ships in the port to leave the place two hours before sunset and return only after the sunset. The authorities notified that the re-entry of the ships due to this would not require the payment of any additional docking fees.

Apart from the sunset celebrations, the city and its residents never forget that the Key West city and the Mallory Square had the same beginning along this harbor waterfront. The common factors of the city and the waterfront were the wrecking schooners, the warships of the U.S. Navy, the frigates, the warehouses of the Cuban cigar makers, the chandlers of the ships docking in the waterfront. When you visit the Mallory Square, you would not only enjoy the historic sculpture garden there and but also get immense pleasure from the opportunities for a wide range of shopping.