Things To Do In Key West

Key West is one of those places where there is something for everybody and across the board for all ages and gender. If you are thinking of making Key West part of your vacation plans, then there are a lot of things to do in Key West.


Sailing is an obvious thing to do when you are in a place like Key West that has such an extensive coast line and so many islands. Sometimes sailing may not enough to get your heart racing. What is sure to get your heart racing is parasailing. If you are new to this, parasailing is where you go flying with a parachute which is tied to a speeding sailing boat. Parasailing is safe and it is a lot of fun. What makes it a lot more fun is that most parasailing companies allow you to go sailing in the sky with a friend in what is called double parasailing.


As a beach resort that is also heavy with a lot of jungles, Key West has a number of camping lodges that can allocate you camping sites. If you are thinking of taking a vacation with your entire family, then you need do something that can be done with a large group of folks. That activity is camping. You could bring your barbeque station with and have a nice evening out on the camp with your friends and family. If you don’t want to keep but simply want to spend some quiet hours in the middle of the jungle, then there are several camping lodges spread all over Key West, ready to make all the food and stay arrangements. Many campgrounds offer great fishing from the shore.

Beach Resorts

Key West is lined with an exciting coast line and there are dozens of resorts that are built along the beach. Resorts are the perfect way to enjoy some quality time with your partner or spouse. In Key West, there are in fact two types of resorts. There are resorts which entertainment guests of all ages which includes adults and children. There are also a few resorts that are meant only for adults with no entry kids or pets.

If you are thinking of really getting away from everything and simply want to enjoy with your adult friends, then you can have a good time at adult’s only resorts. Many of these resorts have some of the best restaurants, bars and even golf courses if you fancy doing something more than just relaxing while on vacation.