Key West snorkeling

The most popular destination of Key West is snorkeling. You have the coral reef in Key West and crystal clear blue water to make snorkeling a great activity. The water at Key West is really shallow from 5 to 15 feet that makes it a perfect for snorkeling. The reefs are quite colorful with tropical fish living amongst corals.

Coral reef at Key West is world’s third largest with diverse marine eco system. It has different kinds of corals like the Brain and Elkhorn corals that give a sturdy look but are really very fragile, vulnerable. There are as many as 300 colorful species of fish living in the underwater world of Key West from tooth green moray eels to blue-striped grunts, which can be seen up close while you snorkel in their natural habitat.

Instruction for snorkeling in Key West is conducted by a very professional crew to ensure that all the people have the basic idea of snorkeling and safety precautions. The snorkeling trip at Key West is made complete with instruction from professionals and snorkel gear like Snorkel, Fins, Mask and Snorkel Vest. The gear provided is sanitized top of the line snorkel gear.

The Catamaran that takes you to the Key West snorkeling site lets you descend a Stairway to the Sea to let you snorkel. Even though a professional crew gives the instructions before you dive to snorkel in the reefs, it is a good idea to use buddy system i.e. to snorkel with a buddy. It would have spacious bathroom with fresh water showers, but you should bring your sunscreen and towel along with you to keep yourself safe from the sun. The Catamaran generally has both a large sundeck, for those who would like to get a tan while out for snorkeling, and there is also a shaded Lounge Area for the ones who just want to snorkel and not work on that tan right now.

The coral reef maintains a very delicate balance of diverse marine eco system, thus a special caution is given to every prospective snorkeler to keep away from the coral reef, they are specifically told to only look and not touch. While snorkeling you would come across shipwrecks and of course the intricate formations by natural coral along with various colored fishes swimming around you. Snorkeling in Key West is an amazing experience like none other with its colorfulness and history.