Key West jetski tour

Tour of Key West on Jet Ski takes you on a 26-plus mile journey into the Gulf of Mexico through the Atlantic surrounding Key West. It’s quite simple and total fun; you rent a jet ski and follow the guides to travel through Key West remote islands, backcountry, Southernmost Point, Mallory Square and other stunning natural beauty. You get to captain your ski if you’re over 18 years of age, or share it with 2 more friends. The maximum capacity of each ski is a total of 3 riders and total weight not exceeding 460 lbs.

On your tour on Jet Ski you get to enjoy the flora and fauna of Key West. On your tour there is a good chance of you spotting a playful bottlenose dolphin or a sea turtle in their natural habitat. The dolphins are very playful even with Jet Ski riders. You could try playing with them while riding a Jet Ski.

Before going on a tour of Key West on Jet Ski you should buy yourself a camera that is waterproof to capture great photos of the picturesque sights on way of the Jet Ski route. On a Jet Ski route you get to see Key West’s picturesque sights from points that give a different perspective to them from water. The Sandbar stop is a very popular point in the tour on a Jet Ski of Key West. On this stop you can get off of your Ski, jump right into the water to take a swim and look around. This is where a waterproof camera comes in handy; to take pictures without worrying about other splashing Jet Skis passing by.

Highlights of the tour on Jet Ski of Key West is that they are easy to operate and safe. You just need to keep balance of the Jet Ski and rev it up to keep it running. This way they’re fun for the whole family. Any person above 18 years can legally operate a Jet Ski and with family it is fun unlimited. The tour guides you get while Jet Skiing through Key West waters are a knowledgeable lot and know the local areas very well, inherently making sure that you get to learn a lot about the places you go across and learning a little about the local history sometime creating a different perspective. The tour on Jet Skis is quite an exciting sport as it is fast paced and gives an adrenaline rush, and safe at the same time.