Key West glass bottom boat

What is the best way to explore a living coral reef? On a boat with glass bottom, of course. Boats with glass bottom give you a very clear view of the reef. Key West has the North America’s only coral reef and you can easily explore it on such boats.

Key West has the only North American living coral reef. As the boat with glass bottom passes slowly over it, you get a very continuous view of the reef directly under you. The coral reef is full of a biologically diverse flora and fauna, the beauty of which can be enjoyed while you lounge on the boat. The beauty of Key West isn’t only in the beauty to watch when you leave the harbor, the water side of Key West is equally beautiful. From Key West harbor you get a narration and view of Fort Zachary Taylor, Sunset Key, and coastal view of Duval Street.

Key West’s coral reef is world’s third largest barrier reef with an amazing marine eco-system. It consists of various kinds of corals like the Brain and Elkhorn corals which even though fragile, vulnerable but look quite sturdy. Along with the corals there are as many as 300 colorful species of fish living in the underwater world of Key West, which are very easily visible from the glass at the bottom of these boats.

The boats of Key West with glass bottom have knowledgeable captain and crewmembers that keep the passengers informed about the interesting life floating near and on the reef. The passengers can easily spot sea turtles, sponges, fishes, and of-course the corals from the viewing room that is underwater. The viewing room has windows angled in such a way that they provide the best way to each passenger to enjoy it. A leisure tour to Key West’s coral easily becomes a trip that is one of a kind and very informative thanks to the knowledgeable people on board the boat.

Every boat with glass bottom at Key West is double hull and air conditioned for maximum comfort of the passengers, and has snack bar for passengers. So there’s everything you need to have to enjoy a morning, afternoon or an evening of leisure with the nature. Of course you can decide where you want to be while you enjoy the natural beauty of Key West and coral reef. You can choose from being in the air conditioner, or sun, or the shade while onboard one of these boat.