Key West fishing

Fishing in the waters of Key West has a history linked to it. Ernest Hemingway, a Nobel Laureate, called the area his home in the 1930s. He would go fishing at the end of the day when he would have wrapped his work. Also International Game Fish Association says that saltwater records that have been established in the waters of Key West are more than that of any other destination in the world. It would be right to say that Key West has earned its right to be called as a fishing town.

You don’t need to be a world famous writer or a legend in any sense to enjoy fishing in waters of Key West. You just need a boat, your own or a chartered one from Key West itself. Guides are also available for charter as are the boats. The guides or captain available to charter are expert in the field, and come loaded with full equipment. When you charter, you don’t need to worry about the licensing requirements either, because the captain has the requisite license as well as he has the local expertise needed for fishing in waters of Key West.

Fishing in waters of Key West is also famous because there are various types of fishing that you can indulge in. Some of these are: Key West Backcountry, Key West Offshore/Deep Sea, Key West Light Tackle, Key West Wreck, Key West Reef. Each one of these offers a different experience in various ways. The kinds of fish you catch depend on the kind of fishing you’re indulging in. The tackle you need to use to catch the fish is also dependent on the kind of fishing while in the waters of Key West.

If you have a thing for Schools of Permit, Snapper, Grouper, Cobia you need to head for Key West Wreck type of fishing. While if you are interested in White Marlin, Kingfish, Tuna, Blue Marlin you need to head for Key West’s Offshore/Deep Sea type of Fishing. On the other hand, to catch a Yellowtail, Barracuda, and Cero Mackerel you need to go fishing to Key West’s Reef.

Even if you’re not much of a hard-core angler, trying to get a catch that could make you world famous, Key West has a Party Boat offering for you. Party Boats mix fun and fishing very well at Key West. Key West Party Boats offers various packages, but it’s mostly a small boat with a small group of people.