Key West Dolphin tour

Dolphins are the cutest marine mammal and most intelligent of all animals. They are very friendly and their mouth line seems to have made definitive a smile for them. Moreover they’re quite playful and fun loving. The best part is Key West has around 200 of them, most of them being Bottlenose dolphins.

On a Key West Dolphin Tour you get to see dolphins being their own self in their natural habitat. You’ll get a look at them while the roam around wild and free without any worries. A Key West Dolphin Tour moves from Key West bay harbor to the Gulf of Mexico with it water shimmering and turquoise in color. The crew and captain are very experienced. They make the passengers’ experience further worthwhile by sharing facts about the Bottlenose dolphins of Key West.

The Key West Dolphin Tour is not only about the playful Bottlenose dolphins of Key West, but also about the other wildlife found around the area. On the dolphin tour you would get to see Turtles, Manatee, Stingrays and many more in their natural habitat and observe them in their natural surroundings. These creatures like Turtles, Manatee, Stingrays etc. hide under coral reefs and seaweed present above the seabed.

Key West Dolphin Tour operates under a program called “Dolphin SMART” which was created by coming together of various conservation agencies like National Marine Sanctuary under National Oceanic & Atmospheric Administration, Dolphin Ecology Project, National Marine Fisheries Service and the Whale and Dolphin Conversation Society. This program tries to make sure that the tours that happen in Key West to watch dolphins match certain standards and that the delicate balance of marine life in Key West is maintained and dolphins being a sensitive creature needs to be taken care of specially.

With its amazing backcountry waters, Key West is a very beautiful place to take the family on vacation. Because of the same reason, it is becoming popular as a vacation destination for families and as a family resort in other ways. Being in Key West with kids is going to be an amazing experience with them. On Key West’s Dolphin Tour they get to be very near to dolphins and various other animals. In the crystal clear water on the Key West Dolphin tour the kids are assured to find and discover various species of flora and fauna, and the experience crew and captain can very well answer their questions.