Key West boat rentals

Not everyone who wants to explore Key West’s tropical waters has a boat of their own. They don’t need to worry though. Key West has boat rentals for those who want to explore the tropical waters. Renting yourself a boat from fleets of boats offer a different kind of freedom, the freedom to captain it on your own, to be able to steer to boat where you want. Being the captain of your own rented boat, you can decide at the spur of the moment if you want to fish or simply cruise around various islands on Key West. One moment you might be fishing and the next snorkeling in the water to get the feel of the reef.

There are various types of boats available as rentals across Key West. Some of them are – fishing boats, snorkeling boats, party barge and pontoon boats amongst others. You can easily rent the boat of your choice depending upon the activity you want to indulge in the tropical waters at Key West. The choice of boat also depends on what kind of waters you are planning to go into.

The rental boats are equipped with latest technology devices like Fish Finder and GPS Chart plotter, depth finder, rod holders, live wells, charts, coolers and more. The boats available are of various capacities – from boats suitable for one passenger up to the ones that can carry twelve passengers. Their availability is also quite flexible, you can rent them for a half day to enjoy an excursion in morning or afternoon and full day. The location of rental boats is quite convenient; they are fully equipped and ready to go.

All Key West boat rentals are United States Coast Guard inspected, have all the safety equipment as required by Coast Guard. You can also rent snorkeling gear, bait and tackle and fishing equipment from Key West boat rentals. You might be required to complete a Boating Safety Course if you’re between 18 and 21 years of age as per the mandate of Florida government. If it’s your first time at Key West, you could also consider hiring a guide. The guides are well experience and available at reasonable rates. Hiring a guide along with a boat is a good idea as it ensures that you get the maximum output of your day at Key West. Your guide would take you wherever you want to go and whatever you want to do.