Irish Kevin’s

Located in the heart of Duval street, the Irish Kevin’s Key West bar has a list of live shows with some of the best in the segment. The music scene is very charted; A mix of the 80’s usually gets the crowds swaying. The stage at Irish Kevin’s is central, allowing maximum interaction with the crowds. The bar is known to have artists who can engage, and even pull you up for a little fun at your expense; but’s it’s all in the spirit of having some harmless fun. Artists include NY Pauly, John Solinski, Bil Kraus and That Acoustic show among others. With a weekly schedule regularly updated on their website, it is easy to choose your pick and plan a night at Irish Kevin’s Key West bar.

If you’re planning to throw a party here, all you need to do is book the upper floor that gives you a direct view of the centre stage performances; not to miss the private bar for your party zone.

The bar has an easy menu that serves pizzas, pretzels, burgers and dips along with other easy eats that are served till 9:30 PM each day. While the drinking menu has lots to choose from be it the beer from the taps or the heady cocktails. The setting at Irish Kevin’s Key West bar is very easy going and casual, and so is the crowd. This with the music and a, sets this ‘by the water’ bar, right apart from the others. Don’t mistake the Irish Kevin’s Key West bar for just any other Irish bar, it’ll surprise you with its potential.