Heron House Key West

Heron House is a hotel in Key West that is the place to stay if you are thinking of receiving the most authentic southern guest house treatment and experience. The hotel itself is located in the center of the important city, history wise, Key West. There are many bed and breakfast hotels in this region but only Heron House hotel can lay claim to providing a unique experience. This has to do with the attention to detail that is paid to each and every aspect of your stat at this beautiful, locally owned hotel.

A simple thing that is worth talking about are the entrance decorations. The moment you step into the experience at Heron House hotel, you will be welcomed not only by the smiling staff of Heron House but also by a garden that covers most of the hotel. These gardens have some of the most exotic tropical plants that you will not get to see unless you actually head to one of the tropical island jungles that are located nearby. Heron House is a literally house to more than a thousand rare plants. If you have any interest in botany or gardening, you could get lost in the gardens alone for hours together.

Understanding the fact that Heron House should cater to travelers of all budgets, it offers accommodations of varying amenities at varying prices. The most basic accommodation available from Heron House are the Inn Rooms which come with essential facilities that will make your stay quiet and peaceful. The included facilities are air conditioning, separate bathrooms, wireless internet accessibility, telephone and even complementary wine as well as cheese.

Moving up from Inn Rooms, Heron House also offers Deluxe Garden Rooms that have all the basic amenities and take it to the next level by the addition of a porch, French doors and bathrooms that are beautiful to use and experience with granite tiling. If you are looking for something that is even better than this, Heron House has the Premium rooms such as those that are located next to the pool and of course the personal suites at the highest floor.
Heron House staff are trained to be of assistance to you at all times, round the clock. At the same time, they are never going to be intrusive and allow you to enjoy your stay without making their presence felt. You could also ask for guided tours to nearby locations such as Duval Street and Mallory Square while you are staying here.