The Green Parrot bar

The Green Parrot bar: Leave your inhibitions outside.

The Green Parrot bar wasn’t named the 3rd favorite bar in the United States of America for nothing! With no inhibitions, the Green Parrot bar calls itself ‘a sunny place for shady people’ and lives up to just that. The Green Parrot bar located at 601, Whitehead Street has a story behind it, that finds its humble beginnings in a grocery store in 1890. The back room of the store was witness to food, rum and impromptu Jam sessions, echoing the place with music in the dark of the night. The Green Parrot bar has housed several people, right up from submarine sailors of the Second World war to the hippies, nomads and settlers. Even the change in ownership has not dampened the spirit of the place; the root-beer still tastes as amazing as it always did! What makes the Green Parrot bar, a place to visit is that it is not pretentious and carries its elements of fun on its sleeve. The place has its own appeal to each one, be it in conversation, music, drinks or just in hanging out.

Open all seven days of the week, one can walk into the bar from 10 AM to 4 AM, not to miss the Happy hours from 4 PM to 7 PM. The Green Parrot bar has a music event going on every week, and sometimes almost everyday. They have a dedicated music calendar that gives a heads-up on the upcoming events, artists and time slots. The Green Parrot also has its own line of goodies and souvenirs, aptly called Parrotphenalia. You can get yourself a hit from here, choosing from their range of T-shirts, caps and knickknacks.

The Green Parrot bar, is a must have on one’s bucket list. In its heritage of over a century, it has earned itself the distinction of being one of the best places to be.