El Siboney

If you want delicious Cuban food and a dining experience that’s off Duval, then make a reservation at El Siboney.   The list of appetizers is long and diverse, from croquettas to yuca, don’t forgo these delicacies.  The main dishes are all wonderful, but of course Cubans are known for their pork dishes.  Try the Fried Pork Chunks, or Masas de puerco fritas, if you speak Spanish.

While pork is very Cuban and authentic, it’s the beef dishes that impress.  Either the Ropa Vieja ( shredded beef) or the picadillo (ground beef) are to die for.  Truly, the olives in the picadillo make this Cuban style sloppy joe one of the best dishes in town.  The Palomilla steak is good, too.  Oh, the prices are fantastic, and there are also daily specials that compare in price to the likes of your most inexpensive sandwich place.  El Siboney is a great restaurant all around.