Eden House Key West

Eden house is a hotel that was started by Mike Eden in the year 1975. The hotel is locally owned, something which is not the case with many hotels which are part of a national chain of resorts and restaurants and may not provide the unique flavor that Key West has to offer. By many accounts, Key West is the oldest such hotel in the region. The hotel is located right in the center of old town.

If you are visiting Key West, you are probably going to spend a lot of time in old town, because that is where the city lives and breathes. If so, why not stay in the old town? Eden House is there to accommodate you with a number of facilities and amenities. Eden House is a hotel that has a room at every available price point and can accommodate everybody from the budget conscious to those who have no limits on expenses.

Accommodation starts at the very basic with semi private rooms which are well suited for those who are passing through Key West and simply want a nice and clean place to stay. These rooms are small, cozy and you still get to enjoy all the services that the hotel has to offer, ranging from round the clock room service to a living space that is completely non-smoking. From semi-private rooms the facilities goes up to private rooms and further more amenities are added with the deluxe line of rooms.

If you are looking something that is more akin to your home, you could rent the apartment line of rooms which are like a full-fledged home. You have the living room facilities such as the television and even pull out beds that are ready to accommodate occasional guests. There is the kitchen with all the cooking appliances if you feel like diving into your cooking habit. Moving up from apartments, Eden House also offers conch houses which are grandiose houses that come with their own porch, elevated sun deck and a swing for those lazy afternoons where you feel like reading a book.

Eden tops of all these facilities with a support staff that is always there to help the guests. The staff are trained to even provide guided tours around the facility. The hotel is children friendly and has everything from ice cream machines to soda machines. It is equipped with excellent wireless connectivity which is an essential service given today’s world of connected devices.