Duval Street Shopping

What’s a trip to Key West without a little bit of Duval Street shopping?  Here on the main drag you can find beads, baubles, and bodacious gifts as well as unique items, boutique buys and artists’ renditions of everything Key West, form the Southernmost Point to your favorite Key West hotel.  Buy a cigar and puff up and down Duval as you take in the scene, watch the world go by, or just soak up the sun and good vibes.

There’s a version of Duval Street shopping for everyone: man woman or child.  Buy a gorgeous bikini that nobody else back home will own.  Or collect a flavorful range of “Cuban” cigars to impress your buddies back home.  Get some amazing bling jewelry at discount prices or just get a postcard.  Duval Street shopping doesn’t have to ruin your budget!

Good news is, there are fewer and fewer tacky t-shirt shops these days, and more interesting boutiques and galleries than ever.  And talk about unique storefront ideas: there’s a towel store, a flip-flop store, a hammock store and a store for all things Cuban.  There’s a pricey designer clothing store, a swimsuit store, and a store for all things Jimmy Buffet.  Some peoples’ idea of Duval Street shopping is to just window shop, and that’s OK too, since it can be pretty entertaining.  There are some creative store owners in this town, and if you walk up and down Duval, you’ll see the evidence everywhere.