Duval Street Restaurants

Where’s the best place to go for seafood? Anyone who works on Duval Street has no doubt been asked this question dozens of times.  Key West is full of fishermen and women, charter fishing boats, commercial fishing enterprises, lobster trappers, and fresh fish every where you look.  Just stroll the docks at Historic Seaport when the charter fishing boats come in, you’ll see the mates busy filetting up the fish, or snapping pictures of fish with proud anglers.

But which Duval Street restaurants serve up the freshest seafood at the best prices with the best service?  That’s an ongoing debate, and differs according to your needs, but some places have great reputations and others don’t.  If you’re willing to pay a bit more, you’ll get better service, and that can make a world of difference, especially at Duval Street restaurants where service can be the worst thing about your meal if you’re not careful.  In a town known for expensive real estate and hard drinking, good help is hard to find.  You may want to shell out a bit more dough just to have a pleasant dining experience because it’s probably going to be worth it.