Duval Street Bars

From one end of Duval to the other, you’ll find bars to fit every personality and every mood.  From the anything goes joint to the elegant piano bar, Duval Street bars cover the gamut of entertainment and nightlife in Key West.  There are more bars on this street than anything else it seems, which you and your friends or family can bar hop all day long and never visit the same bar twice.

We even have a term for this action, the ability to visit so many bars on one street, from one end to the other…it’s called the Duval Crawl.  You can party it up, jump from bar to bar, and never ever step foot in a car.  It’s all done on foot, safely thank goodness.  You can hop, jump, or crawl between such a diverse set of bars you’ll feel like you’re at the Epcot Center of bars…a new flavor every few steps.

Go from a old honky tonk three level bar that’s steeped in historical charm, booze, and night after night of rowdy live entertainment to a swank patio bar with Sunday tea dances and gourmet bar food.  That would be The Bull & Whistle and La Te Da, located at opposite ends of Duval Street.  And there’s a whole lot more in between, with so many Duval Street bars you can’t throw a stick without hitting one!