Duval Street Bars

The Green Parrot bar: Leave your inhibitions outside. The Green Parrot bar wasn’t named the 3rd favorite bar in the United States of America for nothing! With no inhibitions, the […]

The Cowboy Bills bar: A good fun-food odyssey. With almost everyone you meet who has eaten at the Cowboy Bills bar, you’ve heard volumes of the great quality and the […]

Pick your stop at Ricks entertainment center. Rick’s Entertainment center, casually known as Rick’s bar or Rick’s and Durty Harry’s Entertainment complex is an easy going spot for a good […]

Located in the heart of Duval street, the Irish Kevin’s Key West bar has a list of live shows with some of the best in the segment. The music scene […]

Margaritaville, another must see in Key West. A monument to the free spirited and alternative life style of Jimmy Buffet or a corporate shell, you decide. They do serve pretty […]

Sloppy Joe’s and Captain Tony’s, well Hemmingway lived in Key West for a couple years and ever since then Key West has been milking this for all it’s worth. Hemmingway’s […]

From one end of Duval to the other, you’ll find bars to fit every personality and every mood.  From the anything goes joint to the elegant piano bar, Duval Street […]