Casa Marina

Casa Marina in Key West is where people go on vacation if they want luxury accommodations, a spa vacation on the beach, and no crowds.  Located on the south side of Key West, rather than the west end where Duval Street is located, Casa Marina is possibly the best Key West beach resort on the entire island.  Also perhaps the best Key West spa resort.

At Casa Marina, you can go from your room to the beach without ever having to leave the private grounds of the resort during your holidays to Florida.  You can also get a multitude of styles of massages right on the property as well, even right on the beach as well. Take a yoga class, group or private, or

Book water sports right from the resort, and take off from the private dock here, on the south (Atlantic) side of Key West.  Guests at Casa Marina have everything at their fingertips without the hustle bustle of central Old Town. Or take advantage of on site scooter and bicycle rentals to explore the island.

You can walk or ride your bicycle to Old Town, which is right around the corner.  Duval Street is just a few blocks over, but just far enough so that you can retreat to your private oasis each night or whenever you feel like it.  Casa Marina has really thought of everything to make your Key West vacation the most relaxing experience you can imagine.

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