Blue Heaven Restaurant

The Blue Heaven restaurant for a food experience you’ll cherish.

729, Thomas Street, earlier functioned as a Bordello before the address became popular for the Blue Heaven Restaurant. An ideal place for family dining, you could also eat here with your friends and colleagues. It boasts of an indoor and an outdoor setup depending on your mood. Started in 1991, the Blue Heaven restaurant is everyone’s pick when asked for good food places around Key West. With a menu that is predominantly Caribbean, the menu offers island cuisine- both vegetarian and sea-food along with a special touch by the dedicated cooks and their love for traditional recipes; Blue Heaven Restaurant is a nice pick to indulge in local flavor.

While sitting in the beautifully designed outdoor setting, the feel of Key West is brought to life. The paved pool tables from times when the basement was a pool and ice cream parlor are used to ornament the outdoors. The hens and roosters moving loose, the cats and the local musicians churning up rustic tunes without overpowering the ambience is a peculiar hi-light of the Blue Heaven restaurant. Known for its lovely breakfast range that includes the chef Richard’s lovely beer pancakes and home-cooked Granola , the restaurant doesn’t fall too short on its lunch and dinner platters too. There are curries, thick soups and stews brewing in the kitchen to tickle your taste buds.

Blue Heaven restaurant is forever brimming with its patrons, be prepared to wait. The Blue Heaven store has lots to offer for purchase or listen to the local band or musician lighting up the mood as you wait for a table or your order to be served. The wait however, is worth it because you’ll be served an experience of great food. Blue Heaven Restaurant is also a known name in the catering arena now, an extension of their food tradition.