Beaches Near Duval Street

We all know and love Duval Street for its nightlife, dining, shopping, and center of activity of Key West.  But did you know there are also some beaches near Duval Street within walking distance?  If you’re staying in a Duval Street hotel, you don’t have to get in a car to enjoy the beach in Key West.  So grab your towel, your sunscreen, and a hat and some walking shoes, and let’s hit the beach!

First, there’s South Beach, not to be confused with the one in Miami.  As the name implies, South Beach is on the south side of Key West and totally within walking distance from Duval Street.  In fact, it kind of is on Duval Street.

Next, we have a beach at the other end of Duval, sandwiched between two of the major luxury hotels.  It’s small, but it’s free and open to the public.  And of course it’s totally within walking distance of Duval.

And then we have the beach at Fort Taylor State Park, which is one of the nicest beaches near Duval Street.  It’s just a teensy bit further to walk, but well worth the trek.

For more info on these and other beaches near Duval Street, read our in-depth pages on the individual beaches, and then go out and try them all!